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Federico Restrepo was born in Colombia with French descent, inherited the gene family of art at the same time, he is always attracted by different cultures, enjoy different art form expressed in diversity.

His design covering different areas of the luxury: cosmetics, perfume, champagne, fashion, watches and jewelry and so on, he received the lamp of the international lighting fair gold award, is also the master of the world’s top perfume bottle design.

As sound science and technology leader in the world, Clarisonic families and riley to join hands in the world’s top designer perfume bottles artist Federico Restrepo, jumped out of the pony however totem and ancient Chinese paper-cut art for inspiration to create success.This design specially use warm red and golden, auspicious fine brushwork since however, lifelike;Surrounded by the peach blossom, a symbol of love and good luck!

Clarisonic riley and Frederic’s cooperation, based on two important reasons: first of all, he is advocating the graceful and restrained, Oriental culture and the Clarisonic kore lili minimalist modern lines impressed; What is more important: Federico of multicultural sensitivity and creativity, and Clarisonic riley brand adhering to science and technology, combining professional and beautiful in an unique within the culvert coincides with mine. This is a happy encounter!




弗德里克·雷斯特雷波(Federico Restrepo):设计师、艺术家


弗德里克·雷斯特雷波(Federico Restrepo)出生于哥伦比亚并具有法国血统,同时继承了家族中的艺术基因,他总是受到不同文化的吸引,欣赏不同艺术形式中所表达的多元化。他的设计涵盖不同领域的奢侈品:化妆品、香水、香槟、时装、钟表和珠宝等等,他获得过国际灯饰展的金色之灯大奖,亦是全球顶尖的香水瓶设计大师。

科莱丽携手设计师艺术家 弗德里克·雷斯特雷波(Federico Restrepo)

作为全球声波科技的领跑者, 科莱丽 (Clarisonic) 携手全球顶尖的香水瓶设计师艺术家弗德里克·雷斯特雷波(Federico Restrepo),以跃然而出的小马图腾以及中国古老的剪纸艺术为灵感创作出马到成功的图案。此次设计特地运用热情的红色和寓意吉祥的金色,笔触细腻自然,栩栩如生;四周环绕的桃花,象征着爱情和好运!


科莱丽 (Clarisonic) 与弗德里克的此次合作,基于两个重要的原因:首先,他既崇尚东方文化的婉约,又对 科莱丽 (Clarisonic) 极简现代的线条所折服;更重要的是:弗德里克对多文化的灵敏性和创造性,与 科莱丽 (Clarisonic) 品牌秉承的将科技、专业与美丽结合于一体的独特内涵不谋而合。这完全是一次欢乐的邂逅!