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Mon BaoBao – Wo de Haizi -Concept new Brand

Mon BaoBao ® by baba and mama Restrepo I am the happy Father of 3 children – One dear daughter called Chloe 13 born in France and 2 sons born in China called Julian 4 and Felix 3. I am proud of all the 3. Since they born I observe how they apprehend the world, […]

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Brand Corporate 北京金元绿洲园林工程公司

北京金元绿洲园林工程公司 VI and System for the company  

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Le Sens et Les Signes Volume 4

After the 3 opus I did about the “Sens et les Signes” ( check the Book section of the website here) I have continue my research on a physical painting on a Bamboo. This work is linked on the perception of the signs and writing.Is interesting to try to read without any clue some languages […]

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