09 Apr 2016

Mon BaoBao – Wo de Haizi -Concept new Brand

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Mon BaoBao ® by baba and mama Restrepo

I am the happy Father of 3 children – One dear daughter called Chloe 13 born in France and 2 sons born in China called Julian 4 and Felix 3. I am proud of all the 3.
Since they born I observe how they apprehend the world, our tools as the Phones and electronic devices. Inspired by Toy Story one of my favorite movies for kids I was thinking what was so intelligent in our “oldish Toys” and how to connect new technology with this prehistoric world.
I have done a huge checking in worldwide of all the Brands on the market and even if there is a huge attraction and huge market no-one has done  a concept product as this one.In China there is a lack of good and modern Brands .
Because I have children I have decided to work on a project mixing the advantages of the new digital technics, because our children are fascinated by images as us now and  just observe how the adults how are dependent about the Phones, so I mixed this with the very important fact that a little children need to think his toy as a friend but an intelligent one mixing interactive and classical building creative customisations.
So I called it the eBuddy .
This device provide : auto learning of languages, take photos, connect with friends, and Parents, have an Danger Alert!,can teach you letters and numbers, show the animals the nature, etc… and can be developed or customise as you want!
I dedicate this project to my loves, and all the cute children of the world, and send them Hope and Love!.
This project is protected by international copyright laws.Trustable Client Bureau .“Merci a mes amours d’exister”
Federico and Jin Ping de Restrepo 2016 ®
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