11 Apr 2010


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Our expertise in Branding is not to prove regarding the amount of experiences and
expertise ‘s accumulated since 20 years and so many kind of cases we have had to solve.

The Branding Audit is a step dedicated to take a look of your Brand ,Strategy Corporate and find out where are the weaknesses and the strengths.

Before we involve the  Design Process is sometimes necessary to have a general view of the Brand positioning and analyze the logic of what have been done and do a sort of “cliche” of the Brand at a time T .This step is majorly done to clarify and precise the goals between you and us.
Audits can be useful also when you need an external point of view and to clarify what are the most urgent actions to set and create a milestone for the work.
Those conclusions are always delivered with pragmatical solutions.Right the matter is not to come to visit you and reveal the strong and the weak points and live you without an idea of the solution, as many auditors do.

So delivering this work the solutions are part of our Conclusions.

Of course is not the exact solution sometimes ,just a rough idea to let you understand what is possible to do and is more clear for you and for us too .

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